This Day in Mariners History: June 12

“The beauty of memory is that you can afford to be selective. For instance, when I look back through the 32 preceding June 12ths in Mariners history, I am able to embrace the games that brought Mariners fans even a modicum of delight, completely disregarding the losses, the failed rallies, and the blowouts.”


Ump Show Update

“Let’s play a game of “Safe vs. Out.”

The A’s Have Prospects, Too

“Another first-round selection by the A’s, this time in 2009, Grant Green profiles as a solid middle infielder with the potential for an above-average hit tool.”

Update on the Big Three

“True or false: Brandon Maurer is crafting a successful start to his major league career.”

Umpiring in the AL West

“How often does an umpire affect the outcome of a game? For the Oakland Athletics, the answer may be, ‘One too many times.'”

M’s Middle Infield

“Hypothetical question: How valuable does a player’s defense need to be for managers, teams, and fans to overlook his offensive futility?”

Musical Relivers

“For Carson Smith to reach the majors this season, several stars need to align — most importantly, the harnessing of his control and command, as well an open spot on the Mariners’ roster.”

M’s Outfield a Bit Messy

“The night that “King” Felix Hernandez made his return to Seattle was supposed to be a triumphant one.”

Hultzen Fastest Out of the Gate

“There are few events in baseball more exciting than a highly-touted prospect making his major league debut. After months of scanning scouting reports, analyzing inflated minor league statistics, and picking apart top prospect ratings, fans get to revel in the moment when he finally steps off the page and onto the field of a Major League Baseball team.”