How to Survive Your First runDisney Race

I’ll admit it: I don’t race. In fact, I’ve never run anything longer than a fitness class-mandated mile before, nor do I envision a 5k or 10k or, God forbid, a full marathon anywhere in my future.

Last year, though, my fiancé decided to take up running on a whim. The day-in, day-out grind at the local gym was wearing on him, and he used his newfound hobby as an excuse to explore our nearby suburban neighborhoods and jogging trails. The experiment lasted a good four or five months before the days became too short for post-workday runs, but he successfully completed the couch-to-5K program during that span and even entertained the notion of competing during the biannual half-marathon in Walt Disney World.

We never got quite that far, but if there’s anything I gleaned from hours of helping him research training methods, equipment, strategies, and footwear, it’s this: There’s no such thing as over-preparation.

“Welcome to runDisney races—the Disney Parks’ most cherished tradition for runners of all ages and experience levels. Twice a year, usually in late spring and autumn, the parks play host to a race-filled weekend, beginning with a relaxed “fun run” for the kids, working up to a standard 5K and 10K, and topping off with a half-marathon. This isn’t your neighborhood Color Run, however. Each runDisney race gives runners a chance to participate in select character meet-and-greets, earn colorful Disney-themed medals, and catch a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes areas of the parks—well before the sun comes up over Cinderella Castle.

For beginning runners, or those who simply have yet to sample a full weekend’s worth of races at a Disney resort, the event can feel a tad overwhelming. Wondering where to get started? Let’s go over some tips and tricks to make your first race experience a doozy (in the best way).”

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