Edgar and the Battle for Cooperstown

“In a ballot bogged down with steroids accusations and, alternately, filled with some of baseball’s hottest hitters, Martinez is pushed toward the bottom of the list with arguments against the brevity of his career and the padded numbers he earned as a designated hitter.

“Martinez will always be a borderline Hall of Fame case, where there will be compelling arguments both for and against in years to come,” writes The Seattle Times’ Geoff Baker. “I remain open to new arguments in his favor.”

But Baker, who is chief among the anti-Edgar voters, has penned lengthy articles that suggest otherwise. His reasons for lobbying against the Mariners’ icon can be boiled down to the following: despite Edgar’s outstanding “rate stats,” his failure to reach popular benchmarks (3,000 hits, 500 home runs) and contribute on the field could—and should—be weighed heavily against his case for Cooperstown. There may be no changing Geoff’s mind, unless it involves time travel and the ability to convince Dick Williams to boot Jim Presley from third base and give Edgar a shot.”

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