Pitcher Wins And Postseason Success

“While it’s impossible to project a trip to the World Series on the backs of a 47-win season from Zito, Bumgarner, and Cain, their inclusion in the 45+ win club is encouraging. In 12 of 26 postseason trips, the Giants have carried 15+ game winners on their playoff roster. Ten resulted in a World Series visit, three in a World Series championship. Granted, the last time a 45+ win team won the World Series was 79 years ago, on the combined efforts of Freddie Fitzsimmons, Carl Hubbell, and Hal Schumacher. Since then, the 1954 Giants arrived to the Fall Classic with two 15+ game winners in tow; the 2010 team, with just one.

Should Matt Cain successfully kick his nerves this afternoon, Zito and Bumgarner will get another shot at redemption in the 2012 postseason. Whether they’re clasping a World Series trophy by October’s end or taking a quick flight back to San Francisco tomorrow, they’ll have already made history.”

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