Making A Splash: Brandon Belt in Splash Hit History

“The 87 splash hits, when divided by runners on base, split into 52 home runs with the bases empty, 22 with a single runner, 11 with two runners, and 2 with the bases loaded. Brandon holds three of the 22 two-RBI home runs, having driven in exactly one runner with each of his splash hits. No other splash hitter (those with 2+ home runs) has managed to put up the same number of runs each time he went yard.

Opposing pitchers, beware. If you see Belt striding to the plate, eying a runner on first or second, and you’re prepared to toss a sinker, curveball, or two-seam fastball in the 4th or 6th inning, with any number of outs, on an evening between June and September, your luck has just run out.”

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