Chasing The Magic Of Baseball

“Once you’ve been to more than two or three games in a season, the magic wears off. It’s just not that fun anymore.”

In the spring of 2011, a close friend and avid fan of the San Francisco Giants dispensed that cautionary piece of advice. Still fairly new to baseball, I had notched just two games to date, both embarrassing losses by the 2010 Mariners. More fresh in my mind was the Giants’ World Series championship, and my hankering for a trip to AT&T Park was at its peak.

I carried those words with me for the next several months, avoiding frequent trips to the park and wondering if, like my friend, I would also become numb to the magic of baseball if I didn’t learn to temper my expectations. Was it so easy to become burned out on this sport, even with a championship-winning team?”

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